2014 - Draw the Line by Ruffian Rugged (Bandcamp EP)

2014 - Limitless by Ruffian Rugged & B-Side (Bandcamp Mini-LP)

2013 - Ruffian Roulette by Ruffian Rugged (Bandcamp Mixtape)


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R.A. the Rugged Man: “I’m gunna go with an underdog on my #3. Incredible breath control, Jaimaican style, not trying to rhyme like everyone else. Complete original doing his thing, confidence and powerful aggression on the mic. And if you pay attention to the lyrics he’s actually dropping some serious knowledge in his bars. Its not the typical bars and multis, it’s his own shit in his own fucking crazy European Rastaferian world.”
Talib Kweli: “I’m actually not a fan of the ragamuffin rap style and his intro is hilariously bad, but once he started rhyming I could not front on the flow. He got vocabulary, knowledge, styles, intensity and he’s sharp. Also one take for that was impressive.”
Vinnie Paz: “If I’m correct, this kid is from Europe. And he spits with a Jamaican patois. That’s kinda crazy. It’s like some Euro Chip-Fu type shit. It’s dope. When you consider that English is his 2nd language, that makes it that much more ill to me.”
Twiztid: “Holy shit this dude is terrorfying on the mic! His vocal tone is Def ILL no pun intended. For a minute we thought he was conjuring a demon with the sickness he spit but instead he WAS the demon. His delivery was on point from start to finish and his syllabic word play and arrangements were dope as well. Could Def listen to more of this.
Rittz: “His style may be hard to understand due to his accent but i felt like his flow had a lot of heart showing emotion in his voice. the double time skills were impressive as well.”



Max Powa ft Kinetical & Ruffian Rugged - Buzz Shotz (2016)



L'ENTOURLOOP Ft. Ruffian Rugged - Madder Than Dat

Ruffian Rugged & B-Side - Limitless


Ruffian Rugged - Natural born Miracle (2015)